For Educators

After parents, educators are a second line of defense in preventing drug use and abuse in kids and teens. Educators can work together with families to make sure strong and consistent messages are taught concerning drug use. Educators can also help identify children at risk and work with parents to prevent these children and teens from going down an unhealthy path.

School campaigns aimed at educated children about drug use and influencing them away from drugs have proven effective at lowering the rates of teens using marijuana and other drugs.

This section is intended to help educators understand the medical risks of drug use and lists resources and strategies available for helping students stay away from drugs.

The resources below were designed to help educate parents on teen drug use and abuse and help parents & guardians prevent drug use & abuse in their children:

The medical facts about drug abuse

Risk factors for drug abuse

Signs of drug abuse in kids & teens

Developing drug prevention programs in schools

Drug use & abuse statistics

How to talk to your students about drugs

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