For Parents

It’s important to begin the dialogue early and make drug abuse an open and non-judgmental topic of conversation in the household. When kids feel like comfortable discussing drug uses and consequences with you, they’re more likely to come to you with questions and concerns if they face opportunities to engage in drug use later. Kids should be taught the dangers of drug abuse and addiction, but should not be made to feel ashamed for curiosity about drugs, which may lead to them not discussing their questions.

Understanding the medical risks of drug abuse as well as the signs to look out for can help you remain vigilant in helping your child stay away from drugs and alcohol. As your child gets older, he or she is likely to enter situations in which drugs are available. The best thing you can can do to prepare your child to make responsible decisions is to create an open dialogue early and often about drug use.

The resources below were designed to help educate parents on teen drug use and abuse and help parents & guardians prevent drug use & abuse in their children.

The medical facts about drug abuse

Risk factors for drug abuse

Signs of drug abuse in kids & teens

Household items to watch out for

Drug use & abuse statistics

How to talk to your kids about drugs

Additional resources

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