For Concerned Community Members

It takes a village to prevent drug and alcohol use among young people. While parents and educators work on the individual level to prevent kids and teens from abusing drugs, communities also need individuals to look at the big picture and work to establish programs and laws for a drug-free community.

The Drug Free Community Support Program was congressionally adopted in 1997 to help fund community anti-drug groups and reduce risk of youth substance abuse. The initiative currently supports 2,000 community programs and holds an annual application process for new coalitions.

If you’re passionate about keeping kids and teens away from drugs, use the BEACH site to learn more about the effects of drug use, to understand the signs of drug use and abuse and find resources for forming or joining a drug-free coalition in your community.

The resources below were designed to help educate community members on teen drug use and abuse and help concerned individuals prevent drug use & abuse among local children.

The facts about drug abuse

Signs of drug abuse in kids & teens

Drug use & abuse statistics

Forming a drug-free community coalition & other ways to volunteer

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