Forming a Drug-Free Community Coalition & Other Ways to Volunteer

Community coalitions are broader strategy-based groups that work on ways to curb drug use as a whole. As opposed to programs, which focus on individuals, community coalitions look at the big picture of local drug use and work to prevent it. For example, a coalition may work to enact laws preventing alcohol sales within a certain range around schools, or lobby to raise taxes on alcohol. In addition, a coalition may raise funding for school drug education programs or develop after school and summer programs for at-risk youth.

drug free communities

To find or launch a drug-free coalition in your community, contact CADCA – Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America.

Other Ways to Prevent Drug Use & Abuse in Your Community

If you’re interested in volunteering your time on the educational side, the Elks National Drugs Awareness Program is the largest such program in the United States. Kids and teens who are interested in volunteering their time and peer mentoring can contact Ignitus Worldwide.


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