How to Help Myself?

If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you’ve already taken the first step towards healing. It can be very difficult to admit a dependency on drugs.

If you feel that drugs are affecting your schoolwork, friendships, or hobbies, even when you’re sober. If you feel like it’s hard to get through a day or week without using drugs. Or if you just don’t feel like “you” anymore, it’s very possible that you’re dealing with a drug addiction.

You can use this site to learn more about the physical effects of drug use. Understanding how drugs affect your mind and body and why they cause addiction will give you a better understanding of what’s going on inside when you use drugs.

Remember, drug addiction is a disease, just like cancer, but there are ways to get better. The first step is deciding that you need help and asking for it. Find an adult you trust – a parent, a teacher, a coach or a counselor and tell them what you’re dealing with. It’s not about getting in trouble; it could be about your life.

If you’re not sure whom to talk to, call 1–800–662–HELP for information about drug treatment programs and advice on your specific situation. If you’re having thoughts about ending your life, you can call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-TALK for immediate support.

Remember, you’ve already made the big first step! Now, it’s time to be good to yourself and get the help you need.


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